Don’t think, breathe

Let´s try to do everything in the natural and simple way

Take a step backward toward the origin, when the first people who colonized our Mediterranean emerged. Those who knew how to love the earth and the sea that nourishes us

Let us return to that moment in which the goddess Ceres had the gift of providing the cereals and fruits that sprouted from the land, when the fishermen went out every dawn to try luck with their nets.

We close our eyes and travel to times where the music imitated sounds of nature or the voices of the gods, when we only consumed what nature gave us: wood, stone, fruit trees and springs. Let’s discover that moment where our ancestors, at the end of the day, met to tell stories, legends and loved each other like that, in company.

Let’s meet again with family and friends. Let’s enjoy the sun of Marbella, the saltpeter of the Mare Nostrum, enjoy simple dishes full of Mediterranean flavor and dance barefoot under the moon.

Sea, earth, life.


ámmamos la playa

Hamacas · Sunbeds

Get to know our offer with the different sunbeds options that include a welcome tray and towel and enjoy the authentic beach experience of Ámmo.


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